July 19, 2013

Flash! Friday: Prompt #33

It's Friday, and by now readers familiar with my blog know that that means it's time for Flash! Friday Fiction! The prompt is the lovely photo below, but this week we're challenged with an exact word count of 200.  Here goes!
Photo taken by Florian Fuchs (from Flash! Friday site)


“Oh Kenny, this is magnificent!” Julie exclaimed in the dark cavern. Her voice echoed but was soon muffled by the cascading waterfall brilliantly illuminated by sunlight peeking through the rocks.

“Thought you’d like it.” Her new husband grinned, and Julie almost forgot the beauty surrounding them. She leaned in for a kiss, but light flared across the water. They twisted in time to see a smaller cavern lit by an orange glow.

“What is that?!”

Kenny wrapped his arm around her. “Look, see that bridge and the little ledge?”


“Up for a picnic?” His eyes scanned down her body. This place was so beautiful, he might get something special for dessert…

“Kenny, how can you be sure we’d get up there? The water could be really deep! And where is that glow coming from??”

“I used to come here all the time.” He slid into the water, lifting his pack in one hand, and held out his other. “And it’s a surprise.”

She followed him through the warm pool. Kenny hoisted his pack onto the protrusion, pushing it away from the edge. He pulled her in close but didn’t move to climb up.

Glowing eyes appeared. “Julie, meet Nessie.”


  1. Nessie! I love Nessie!
    And I'm looking forward to Julie's reaction in the upcoming instalment ;)

    1. Hmm, I hadn't thought about continuing. It'll depend on this week's prompt, I guess :-)