July 22, 2013

Reader's Choice Awards!

As we kick off the Blogger Book Fair, in an extremely fortunate twist of fate, the Author Alliance 5-star review (by Nada Adel Sobhi) of Life Under Examination was posted today!  With lovely comments such as:
"I loved it. And that’s all I’m going to say about it. I will leave it for the rest of the world to read and see for themselves. *thumbs up Ms. Glazki*" 
and: " Life Under Examination deserves more than a 5-star rating for it is a collection that can, and will, touch each and every one."
Ms. Sobhi has certainly warmed my heart and reddened my cheeks!  

The timing is in part fortuitous because the polls for the Reader's Choice Awards have opened!  So please check out this thoughtful review, and then go vote!! (Life Under Examination is listed under "Poetry")


  1. Great reviews, and my feelings exactly when I read it! :0)

    1. Much thanks! (as always haha) Between you and Nada, I can't stop blushing ;-)

  2. I'm still smiling :D O:)
    And even happier that I found your blog.
    You've been active - I might need some help with blogspot.

    1. That's so funny, since going to your blog is what showed me there is a new contact form feature! :-)