July 29, 2013

Continuing Down the Path

A new reader to my blog asked recently what those sporadic stats at the top of some of my posts were (for instance, "words written in new manuscript").  So, I'd like to take a step back today and refocus.  This blog is about writing, and more specifically, taking my writing from its starting point all the way through to publication, traditional or otherwise.  It's about my pitfalls, successes, and every step in between.  

While I cannot say that 100% of my actions are strategic motions down that path – I am not a robot after all – that journey is my primary focus. That means: 
  • Writing new material
  • Regularly updating this blog, hopefully with interesting and useful information
  • Participating in the larger writing community as a whole, for instance through:
    • Twitter, Facebook, & Goodreads
    • Virtual events such as the Blogger Book Fair and Pitch Madness
    • Supporting other writers' journeys
  • Contributing to other writers' and readers' blogs, via guest posts, comments, and more
  • Querying agents and editors
    • Dealing with rejections, responding to requests, and generally vacillating among excitement, depression, and determination
  • Submitting to writing contests
  • Seeking out networking and exposure opportunities

This list is probably not all-inclusive, but it should give you an idea of my primary, writing-related activity, which will be detailed on this blog.  There are also offshoots to this journey, in which I participate for fun or practice, or to support the community as a whole, beyond the writers' world.  These include, for instance: 

It may seem, perhaps, that this blog has recently lost focus from its original purpose.  The fact is, I am new to many of these steps and pieces.  I am sorting it all out, and, if you're willing, taking you along for the ride.  My posts will continue to cover the range of my experiences, though I make no claims as to their similarity to others' experiences.  This blog will also continue to welcome the input of guest posters from within the writing world. 

Are there topics you would like to see addressed? Let me know!

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