January 17, 2014

Flash! Friday: Prompt #2-6

This week's Flash! Friday prompt (pictured below) requires a 150-word story (+/-10) with the added instruction of including a tiger or a turtle. Ready? Here goes:

Friends for Life

“We could do it, you know.”

“Do what?” Sarah didn’t take her eyes off the grass between her fingers.

“Rig it. Show Davey what it’s like to fly.”

They turned to watch the security crew, striding over the steel skeleton.

“He wouldn’t go without Tim,” Sarah said eventually.

“If we can rig it for Davey, we can for Tim.” James knelt down and took her hand. It stilled in his, but that didn’t stop the obvious stress and guilt and sorrow he couldn’t stop seeing in her. At seventeen, she’d been the strong one for so long. For too long.

“The doctors wouldn’t let him.”

“We’ll sneak him out."

“Them.” She paused. “Would it be safe?” Sarah would do anything for her baby brother.

“They’re not shutting it down for safety reasons.”

She nodded sharply. “It has to be soon.”

James squeezed her cold fingers. “He’ll love it. They’ll love it,” he self-corrected. Davey went nowhere without his pet turtle.

(160 words)


  1. You handled a tough prompt really well! :0)

    1. I agree, Donna. I wondered which critter she would choose and how she would work it in. ^_^ Thanks Aria and have a great weekend.

    2. Thanks for reading, ladies! Hope you're both having a wonderful weekend :-)