January 31, 2014

Flash! Friday: Prompt #2-8

They aren't making it easy on us over at Flash! Friday: this week's judge's bidding is to include a phone call in our stories (150 words +/- 10) based on the photo below.

Are you up for the challenge? Remember, entries are welcome until midnight Eastern time!


Trey didn’t bother looking at the caller ID before flipping open the phone.  “Yeah?” There was only one reason to call this number.  “Another one?”

He flipped open a worn, leather album, seeking his latest favorite as the woman prattled on.  There.  Black-and-white, with a smattering of people, surrounding a debilitated car from the twenties.  A stolen moment in time.

“At least ten.”  Only one of them was looking at the tilted car.  “I haven’t counted.”  He didn’t need to.

“How old?”  Variety mattered.  “I don’t know…Have to get the balance just right.”

Time was, he wouldn’t have cared.  He’d gotten pickier with age, and experience.  “Enough.  Fleeting fancies don’t interest me.” Captured moments mattered.

“All right.”

Trey hung up and stroked the image gently with one finger.  A new child appeared in the crowd, a permanent addition to his collection.  Fifteen.

(143 words)