November 1, 2013

Flash! Friday: Prompt #48

Happy November 1st! NaNo has officially started, and I even managed to write an entire 500 words last night (after midnight), which is no where near enough, but is a start of sorts! With so much happening this year, I knew in the back of my mind that NaNo was starting, but I haven't yet immersed myself in the minds of these characters, so it's a rough start to say the least.

Despite NaNo's intensity, I do plan / hope to continue writing Flash! Friday stories throughout the month! This week's prompt asks for 250 words +/- 10 on this photo:

Old Car. Photo by Brigitte Werner.


“What’s the point of this again?” Sarah asked as Chris tugged her along through an overgrown field.

“You’ll love it.”

“I don’t doubt you, or anything, but why does this have to happen before we leave? It’s not like we’ll never be back in Nashville.”

“Damn straight. But I want you to see this.” Chris stopped moving and pulled her close, looping his arms around her waist. “One last picnic before everythin’ gets crazy.”

“What exactly do you call the last few months?”

He smiled and bent to brush her lips with his. Honestly, she would have followed him anywhere.

Chris broke their kiss to continue the way to their mysterious destination. Sarah picked her way carefully among the hidden obstacles.

“Here we go.” He stopped beside of the remnants of a fence, gesturing to a rusting, old-fashioned car that clearly predated the plant life surrounding it. Colored sunlight glanced off the patches of glass that had survived. “Perfect timing,” Chris murmured.

“Is this where you tell me you actually don’t want to get married?” Sarah teased. “Pretty ideal place to dispose of a body.”

Chris laughed, pulling out a blanket from his backpack. “Yeah, you caught me.” He spread it on the hood of the car. “Hop on.”

He handed her a beer and settled close, wrapping an arm around her. Their bottles clinked, and both sighed, relaxing into the languid, undisturbed surroundings as light from the setting sun glinted through the distant city.

(245 words; @AriaGlazki)

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