November 8, 2013

Flash! Friday: Prompt #49

Hi folks! How's your November going? Mine has already been absolutely insane, and I'm unfortunately somewhat behind on my NaNo word count.  I hope my fellow writers' efforts have been progressing more smoothly.

Friday is upon us yet again (they do seem to come around quite frequently at this point), which of course means it's time for some Flash! Friday Fiction! This week's prompt requires exactly 150 words on this photo:
Fairy walking bridge, Huangshang, China.
Photo by Jesse Varner.

Flight Plan

She should jump.

The darkened crevice yawned before her, trembling under the weight of her pursuers’ pounding progress. In the distance, a carved bridge mocked her with its illusion of proffered safety. But she knew where it led.

At the very least, falling into the jagged void offered her an instant – of flight, of safety.

Of freedom.

An instant, before unforgiving stone tore her flesh, relishing the taste of blood that would feed the flecks of living greens. A gust of warmth blew over her, fluttering the tatters hanging from her frame.

Staring into the hungry depth, she could feel their mindless approach, inching closer to surround her, blocking any other chance of escape.

It was the crevice, or nothing. Worse than nothing – a future back in his hands.

His minions advanced slowly, certain she wouldn’t risk plummeting to an inevitable death.

But she could jump.

And she could survive.


  1. Another great flash. Hmmmm Did she or didn't she? If she did, did she or didn't she? You left me..hanging..and I'll have to think about how - I - want it to end. ^_^

    1. Hehe thanks :-D
      How do you want it to end? I'm so curious!

  2. Let me think a little more. I'll get back to you. lol

    1. No pressure, haha. It's just so interesting to see what others see in my words :-)

  3. She jumped. Now I don't believe she sprouted wings and flew, but something miraculous happened. What? Hmmmmmm.

    1. Oh good, I certainly didn't intend for her to sprout wings or levitate – that would be much too easy ;-)

    2. I feel the same. I'll think on it some more. ^_^