November 18, 2013

Fun Tidbits

I had considered revisiting an important topic affecting my current book (those dreaded intimate scenes), and while I know you will be disappointed, I have decided instead to spotlight some things that, I hope, will be of interest! 

First off, take a look at a brand new interview, hosted by Nada of Nadaness In Motion. (Edit: & here's part two!)

As I mentioned in that interview, the only way to get a print copy of my (award-winning!) collection, Life Under Examination, is to win one in a giveaway – such as the one I have going on now!

Seeing Past Sickness continues to be available for your reading pleasure, and as always, 100% of proceeds will be donated. Snag your copy before the holiday craziness begins!

And to leave you with some food for thought, check out this guest post discussing where to focus while writing bedroom scenes, if your book requires them.  As always, I'd be thrilled to hear your feedback.

I'm up to ~27,700 words in my NaNo project.  How is yours going?