November 22, 2013

Flash! Friday: Prompt #51

Believe it or not, I actually did write a Flash! Friday story this week! (Though, woefully, I have yet to have any time to work on my NaNo project…)  This week's prompt offered a 150-word (+/- 5) moment of contemplation, or perhaps not – what do you see?

Monk (Thailand). Photo courtesy of Shuco


Almost as one, the monks stilled.

Jessica stopped a fraction of a second later, matching her breaths to the wind. She shut her eyes, listening for the rustle of robes that would signify the next part of their procession. After three years hidden away in the monastery, Jessica had memorized their movements.

Despite the encumbrance of their robes, the monks moved nearly silently. She hadn’t learned to do that, so she’d turned a torn robe into pants instead. It wasn’t cheating – it was resourceful.

Even with eyes closed, Jessica knew which direction each monk faced, where her next steps should take her. Pack on her back, she crouched barefoot, waiting for the shifting pressure in the air that would signify her next move. Three steps to the wall.

She sprung forward, barely touching the ground, ready to be free.

Out of nowhere, an orange robe materialized, stopping her short. Sighing, she bowed to Master Junari.

(155 words)


  1. Love it. Short and sweet. Quick question - Do you believe you can fly? You seem to lead your characters to the edge of....Are you using them to find out if it is possible? LOL Have a fun weekend.

    1. Hah – good question! I definitely don't believe we literally can fly, without some kind of engineered assistance. Maybe my characters are seeking escape because I'm feeling bogged down in NaNo failure… ;)

      & Thanks! You as well – any fun plans?

  2. LOL. The usual - I am a football fan and it is hard to get me off the couch on the weekends. Even though I miss it when football season is over, it is also a relief.

    1. Even more reason not to become a sports fan ;-) But it's important to take time to relax, so if football gives that to you, that's great!