March 29, 2013

Reflecting on #BlogFlash2013

So Terri Giuliano Long's flash blogging challenge for March 2013 is over—though some straggling posts may still be added by some participants. 21 posts each by many wonderful bloggers all over the world have been added for your reading pleasure out there in the "blogosphere".

For me, BlogFlash created openings into the wide and diverse worlds of the writing and blogging communities, affording me the opportunity to interact with and get to know many people I likely wouldn't have otherwise encountered.  I have added many new blogs (and twitter accounts) to my reading list, and I hope to be able to continue keeping up with all the posts to come.

Wonderful as this experience has already been, in some sense the jury's still out.  Will all of us fade out of each other's virtual lives now that BlogFlash is over?  Were people's comments motivated by the intent of the challenge or the desire for reciprocity?  Will people continue to keep track of each other's posts and progress?

Personally, I hope the last will prove to be true. While some micro-communities come together for short periods of time with a common goal and then are content to dissolve (perfect examples would be Burning Man or NaNoWriMo), I think it would be fantastic if the connections forged in this last month continue solidifying into supportive and lasting relationships.


  1. Having participated in blogflash2012, I met several people who have become good friends, others flit in and out, but when you see an item on Twitter, FB or follow a blog and visit, you'll find it's a bit easier not to lose touch. Worse case scenario, is that we all get together in August to do blogflash again with Terri. :0)

    1. Good reminder about the next BlogFlash haha. I'm sure it's true that some people will circle in and out sporadically, though I hope we don't all drop off each others' radars completely :-)